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The following décor styles have been around for some time now, but lately, we’ve seen a serious rise in their popularity. From crisp white cabinets, to super-chic Carrera Marble, learn the so-right-now trends that are currently on our radar.

White Cabinets
Remember how popular all-white kitchens were back in the 90s? Well, they’re back again, and this time, with a vengeance! Crisp, timeless, and clean, stark white cabinets are the most versatile choice for any home style. Whether you reside in a beachside cottage or a minimalist modern dream-home, a white palette allows you to play with colors, prints, accessories, and hardware – the sky’s the limit when you opt for white.

Carrara Marble
Comprised of compressed, heated limestone and created in the hilly region of Carrara, Italy, Carrera Marble lends the most elegant touch to any bathroom or kitchen. What’s more? No two pieces are alike, which is why designers and creatives everywhere are adorning their homes with this one-of-a-kind gem. Styling tip: Its cool background and deep, dark veins set the tone for everything else in the room; pair it with likeminded hues, or go for sea-inspired shades for a tranquil, spa-like vibe.

Grey Hardwood Flooring
Ever heard the saying, “grey is the new black”? Well, right now, it’s truer than ever. Grey floors (and walls, too!) are popping up just about everywhere, and it seems like the hottest design houses have taken note. According to the, “grey stained hardwood floors can be achieved by mixing a combo of white wash and ebony stain (and testing mixtures and ratios) so that you can go from light to dark grey pending your preference and pending your wall colors.” Ready, set, pave the way for grey!

Rose Gold Hardware
Whether you choose to update kitchen drawer handles or a basic bathroom faucet, our favorite bling adds a touch of cool class to any room. The best part? Copper accents are so timeless, they go along seamlessly with any color palette you’re working with. According to the experts at apartment therapy, “The metallic still acts as a neutral, bringing a bit of extra warmth through its blush tone.” So, whether your home is contemporary, traditional, or a mix of the two, rose gold accents are the perfect way to give it next-level status.

Patterned Kitchen & Bathroom Floors
Our favorite trend right now is a clean, all white kitchen or bathroom amped up with help from a bold, patterned floor. According to Margot Hampleman, founder and president of Decorative Materials, “Porcelain and Pattern are two massive trends for 2014. These two trends, not necessarily together, are currently dominating Europe.” And with options spanning from intricate patterns to bold, romantic hues, there’s a tile suited for any design style. Be mindful, though, Elle Décor says that the most beautiful tile can be ruined by a bad installation, explaining, “Finding a good installer is one of the most important steps in this process. A poor installation not only can look bad, but can lead to problems, such as tiles popping up, cracked tiles, or moisture seepage behind tiles that can lead to a host of other issues.” Before hiring, be sure to seek local recommendations and ask for images and references.

What trends are you currently coveting? 
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